14th IPL in India The cricket match stopped midway:

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New Delhi: 14th IPL in India The cricket match stopped midway. 4 teammates had no choice but to go to the IPL after contracting corona. The Indian Cricket Board postponed the match indefinitely.

Current IPL With 29 games in the series over, 31 more games remain. Perhaps the rest of the IPL. If the match is not held, the Indian Cricket Board will have to suffer a revenue loss of nearly Rs 2,500 crore.

The 7th 20-over Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in India from mid-October to November. Before that, the rest of the IPL abroad. The Indian Cricket Board is keen to host the match. The tournament is likely to be held in one of the UK or the United Arab Emirates.

India now need enough time before the 20-over World Cup. Virat Kohli-led Indian team will play a five-match Test series in England from August 4 to September 14. According to sources in the Cricket Board, the Indian Cricket Board has appealed to the England cricket body to revise the match schedule.

This means that the match schedule has been urged to change so that the Test match can be held a week ago. Accordingly, if the Tests are over by September 7, the rest of the IPL will be available in the space of 3 weeks. Games can be played.

The Indian Cricket Board has calculated that two games can be played most days. If everything goes well, the rest of the IPL in England will be completed. The Indian Cricket Board is also ready to host the games.

But it seems doubtful that the England Cricket Board will accept India’s demand. This is because England will host The Hunter (100-ball match) cricket match from July 21 to August 21.

If the Test schedule is amended, there will be a problem in allocating the ground for The Hunter. There may also be problems with England players participating. It will also have an impact on hotel booking, corona prevention medical security arrangements, broadcaster schedules and ticket sales.

Fans have already bought tickets for the India-England Test series. There will be unnecessary confusion. So it is expected that England will decide what it will decide.

Meanwhile, an England Cricket Board spokesman said in a match yesterday, “We are constantly talking to the Indian Cricket Board about many issues that need to be resolved during this Corona period.

But so far they have not officially asked us for a change in the date of the Test match. So for now, the 5-match Test series will go ahead as already planned,” he said.


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