38 pregnant women have died due to corona in the last 2 months alone:

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Tamil Nadu: Dr. Shanmugapriya, Medical Officer, Government Primary Health Centre, Madurai, passed away on 8th August due to corona infection. She was eight months pregnant and succumbed to more than 90% lung damage.

Not only Shanmugapriya but 64 pregnant women have died in Tamil Nadu in the last 2 months. Of these, 38 have died of corona alone. Of these, 38 have died of corona alone. In Chennai, 800 pregnant women were affected in the first wave at Egmore Government Maternal and Child Health Hospital, which is the main hospital for pregnant women, out of which only five died.

While three people had heart diseases, only two people died directly from corona, says vijaya, the director of the hospital. But vijaya, who claims that 200 pregnant women were affected in 2 months in this 2-wave and five died in April and four so far this month, said serious steps are being taken to reduce the death of pregnant women.

Dr Shanti, who attributed such deaths to the vigour of the second wave, says that if anyone in the family has corona symptoms, pregnant women in the house should immediately visit places organized for them with the help of government hospitals to protect themselves. He also says that pregnant women should not be kept in a home where there are definitely infected people.

Gynecologists say that the death of pregnant women is very rare in the last wave and that the death of all parties in this wave is painful and may be due to the fact that pregnant women have not yet been allowed to get vaccinated.

A few days ago, the National technical advisory group for immunization organization issued a written recommendation to the Central Health Department that pregnant women can also get vaccinated. Therefore, we can expect to get vaccination permits for pregnant women soon from the Government of India so that pregnant women can be protected from corona infection.


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