Amboderisin-B medicine for black fungus :

Amboderisin-B, black fungus,

In the face of shortage of medicines for black fungus damage, the Government of Tamil Nadu has intensified its efforts to procure amboderisin-B medicine suitable for its treatment.

Accordingly, 5,000 medicines will be supplied through Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation in the first phase in the next day or two. It has been informed that steps will be taken to purchase it in addition to the requirement.

Infected with corona, the disease in the body can sometimes be caused by the disease. This leads to them having to undergo intensive care. At those moments, they will be given steroid-like drugs to reduce the risk of infection.

If the patients involved are already less susceptible to infection and are suffering from a disease such as saccharine disease, they may develop fungal infections due to the effect of steroids. This makes the eye and brain nerves more likely to be affected.

More than 35,000 people are reported to be infected every day due to the second wave of corona infection in Tamil Nadu.

Nearly 20 percent of them are treated intensively. Many patients in intensive care are given steroids. Corona has steroids as the best medicine to protect her from remdecive.

In that way, 80 percent of steroid injected people return home free from boll infection. Only a small number of them are said to be affected by black fungi. Accordingly, 9 persons have been diagnosed in Tamil Nadu, Chief Secretary, Health Department J Radhakrishnan said. Governor Banwarilal Purohit declared the black fungus as a notified disease in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, there is a severe shortage of amboderisin-B, which is used to cure black fungus infections in government and private hospitals.
The drug for black fungus has also become unavailable in the order of remdesiviand tosilisumeb medicines.

Subsequently, steps have been taken to procure more of them. Public Health Department Director Dakt Selvavinayakam said:

Black fungus not found to be a serious impact in Tamil Nadu. Currently there are medicines needed to treat the victims. As a precautionary measure, additional purchase of Amboderisin-B medicines has been taken up by The Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation. He said 5,000 medicines will arrive in Tamil Nadu in the first phase in the next few days.


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