Andrea Mesa of Mexico was chosen as the cosmic beauty:

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Mexico: Andrea Mesa of Mexico was chosen and crowned as the Cosmic Beauty of 2020 (Miss Universe). 10 years later, a Mexican woman was chosen as a cosmic beauty.

Indian woman Adlin Gastilino was ranked 4th in the cosmic beauty contest, which was attended by women from 74 countries.

The 69th Year Cosmic Beauty Contest was held at the Rock Hotel and Casino at the Hollywood Arena in Florida. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, the cosmic beauty contest took place with great security.
Women from 74 countries participated in the competition. Mexico’s 26-year-old Andrea Mesa and Brazil’s Julia Gama, 28, qualified for the final round. Mexico’s 26-year-old Andrea Mesa was declared the cosmic beauty.

Andrea Mesa burst into tears of joy when South Africa’s Jojifini Tunzi announced her choice for cosmic beauty last year. Jojifini Tunzi gave Mesa the crown. 2nd place was given to Brazilian woman Julia Gama, while Peru’s Janic McDa (27) was ranked 3rd. Former cosmic beauties Seshley Christ, Paulina Veka and Demi Lee Debo were the judges and chose the winner.


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