Challenges for the New health minster:

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As the second wave of Corona intensifies in The World, major challenges await M.Subramanian, who has taken over as health minister.

Hospitals in government and private hospitals are overflowing with coronapatients. Those who are newly infected are suffering from lack of bed. In particular, there is a severe shortage of oxygen-equipped beds. Beds are available only after 2 to 3 days of registration in private hospitals. Hundreds wait for beds in government hospitals. There are also instances of people suffering from severe asphyxiation and lung victims from serious infections dying in ambulances without access to beds. Daily deaths in Tamil Nadu are nearing 200. Due to shortage of beds, only those who are in serious infection and need oxygen facilities are admitted to government hospitals. Others are isolated in homes and monitoring centres.

As the number of people suffering from serious infection swells, they have to be treated with oxygen. In Tamil Nadu, 400 tonnes of oxygen is available from the private company through daily production and tender. Out of this, 60 tonnes is being sent to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The use of oxygen in Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu has increased from 250 tonnes daily last month to 475 tonnes.

The death of coronapatients in government hospitals due to oxygen failure is also on the rise. A few weeks ago, seven people reportedly died at Government Medical College Hospital, Vellore and 13 at Chengalpattu Government Medical College Hospital recently. Doctors said that if the oxygen requirement in Tamil Nadu is not met, the death toll will increase.

In Tamil Nadu, 5,000 centres are vaccinated with corona vaccine for people above 45 years of age. The Government of India is procuring and sending coaxin and covidield vaccines to Tamil Nadu. So far, 63 lakh vaccines have been used out of the 72 lakh vaccines sent by the Government of India to Tamil Nadu. About 8 lakh vaccines have been wasted. Only about 1 lakh vaccines are in stock for a few days. There is a severe shortage of vaccine in Tamil Nadu.

Health Minister M. Subramanian

Due to lack of supply, Goaxin is not available anywhere. People go back disappointed because many centres are not vaccinated. More than 40 lakh people who have made the first installment are unable to pay the 2nd installment.

Over 18 years of age

Meanwhile, as per the central government’s announcement, vaccination of persons above 18 years of age was planned from May 1 last. The Government of Tamil Nadu ordered 1.50 crore vaccines. Vaccination of persons above 18 years of age has not been started due to non-availability of ordered vaccines. The question remains as to when the work will be started.

At present in Tamil Nadu, the daily corona infection has crossed 26,000. More than 6,000 people are affected in Chennai alone. More than 2 lakh people have been infected in the last one month.


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