Corona spread: How to work safely?

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Tamil Nadu: Four district police personnel in Vellore range have issued an emergency circular on 11 instructions on how to work safely during the Corona curfew.

DIG Kamini has urgently issued a Vellore Range Circular today (May 13) regarding the work of the police during the corona curfew in four districts including Vellore, Ranipet, Tirupattur and Tiruvannamalai in Vellore range.

She ordered that police personnel should work safely during the Corona curfew and follow 11 instructions on serving without harm to the public.

“1. The police should take care of their bodies and work so that the family does not get infected with corona. The guards should wash their clothes clean every day. Clean your hands with disinfectant from time to time.

2. Security guards must wear masks and gloves.

3. If you are sick or have an infection symptom, you should be treated immediately by your doctor.

4. Fellow constables should immediately inform the higher authorities about the unwell police.

5. Awareness about Corona should be created in the areas under their police station limits through loudspeaker/dandora.

6. Instruct the public in a dignified manner and be kind to the officers working in other government departments.

7. Be have a very dignified manner with the public during vehicle searches.

8. Only criminals involved in major criminal cases should be arrested and dealt with.

9. Now that the government liquor shops are closed, appropriate action should be taken to prevent anti-social elements from trying to brew and sell liquor.

10. Departmental disciplinary action will be taken against police personnel who are involved in liquor cases and are acting in a manner that is detrimental to the police”.

In this regard, the DIG office said, “A sum of Rs.3 lakh each has been provided to Vellore, Ranipet and Tirupattur districts and Rs.7 lakh to Tiruvannamalai district to protect the police from corona infection.

During the Corona curfew last year, some police personnel resorted to illegal activities to tarnish the police department. Therefore, she has ordered that this year should not happen like that.

In particular, if complaints are received about illegal liquor sellers and liquor dealers who receive bribery complaints, disciplinary action will be taken against them and he has ordered that they cannot work in Vellore range.


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