Corona- The second wave: A major crisis of India

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     The 2nd wave of the corona virus infection, which is causing serious damage, has caused a major crisis in the country. It may be thought that it has united the people of the country.

Due to corona’s rapid spread, India is hopelessly divided. The issue of vaccinating our people has become the subject of political football. Here on the one hand, the AAP government hospital in Delhi is struggling to help the hospital. While we are running out of oxygen and ventilator, our government is behaving totally irresponsible.

      They refuse to say a single common word of comfort to the victims in this age of hatred. An interest-provoking political drama emerged in Delhi 2 weeks ago through four acts.  5 Political parties were busy contesting the state legislative assembly elections. At the same time, kumbha Mela programmes were also held. And no one adheres to the corona virus restrictions. Meanwhile, India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer and exporter, suddenly realized that It faced a severe shortage of the Corona vaccine.

     The Government of India has forgotten to place orders early for companies producing vaccines; (2) To provide low prices that encourage vaccine makers to build sufficient productivity to prevent corona in India, which has the world’s second largest population; (3) Use of private hospitals, NGOs (NGO) and large private companies in vaccination programme.

      The Centre has forgotten to learn from old mistakes. In the first month of the Corona problem, it imposed restrictions on the conduct of corona infection testing by state laboratories in the states. With the corona infection on the rise, government laboratories are unable to handle additional tests. Realizing the mistake, the government liberalized the Corona infection test to private laboratories as well.


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