Counseling centers for people those isolate due to corona: "Chennai"

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Chennai: Isolation from corona damage is something that can affect our daily life. Although it was brought in to control the spread of the disease, it is a little difficult for our mind to accept it and get used to it. Therefore, it is normal for many people to experience depression, headaches, and hatred in this loneliness.

The Corporation of Chennai has established a Good Counselling Centre in all the 15 zones to relieve stress by contacting the lonely people on a daily basis to help them.

Under the supervision of 4 Head Doctors at the Centre at 9th Zonal Office, Nungambakkam, Chennai, 17 trainee doctors have contacted the isolated persons at home to enquire about their health and assist them.

Those who are isolated at home should not always be immersed in the Internet but should try differently to read, paint and write books. Doctors say they can lead to reduced stress. Doing things that are healthy for the mind, avoiding unnecessary anxiety and stress, and you can find sweetness in this loneliness.


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