curfew is not easy; but it's not impossible!

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If it is not declared as a curfew, it will be difficult to control Corona. The adjoining states have also implemented the lockdown.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is also enforcing curfew. Chief Minister Stalin has announced that all the people of the country can escape infection if they are controlled by using curfew for these 14 days. Chief Minister Stalin spoke through video on why the Corona curfew was needed:
In the just concluded assembly elections, we have formed the DMK government with an absolute majority of seats. I thank the people who have put their trust in the party and me. It will function not as a government of a party but as a state of all people, and that is how it will be.

I came to the fort after taking over as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and issued 5 important orders. It is to pay 4,000 rupees to a family who have a rice family card to help the people. In the first phase, my first signature was a order of Rs.2000 in May itself.

Aavin Milk gets Rs.6 per litre cut Second signature, Free travel by government bus for women is the third signature. The fourth signature for the formation of a new department called Chief Minister in your constituency to take action on the petitions I received in all constituencies at the time of elections. The 5th signature is that the Government of Tamil Nadu will accept the corona infection through the Health Insurance Scheme to address the sufferings of those being treated in private hospitals.

Since it is a period of pandemic called Corona, the Government of Tamil Nadu is in full swing to create a situation where we have controlled it, completely eliminated it and there is no more Corona infection.
Preventing the corona infection from one person to another. The Government of Tamil Nadu is fully implementing two objectives of fully rescuing the victims of Corona.

The germ has been transformed worse than the first wave. The disease affects young people and children in particular. The mortality rate of youth in particular is increasing. The death rate of young people in particular is increasing. Affects the lungs in 2 or 3 days. Doctors say that people with any other disease are more likely to suffer from death and those who do not have any other disease.

At present, the infection is bad. The disease affects the strength of the body. Information from the Northern States and our neighbouring states are alarming. It is comforting that our state has not been affected to that extent, especially in 10 districts.

More than 25,000 people are infected with the new infection every day. Doctors say it will increase further in two weeks. If this increases, it will be a major challenge for the medical field to cure the disease. They are providing medical care at the cost of their lives.

If it is not declared as a curfew, it will be difficult to control Corona. The adjoining states have also implemented the lockdown. The Government of Tamil Nadu is also enforcing curfew. These 14 days can be used to use curfew to prevent infection if all the people of the country are controlled.

People need to realize that the Corona infection cannot be destroyed without breaking the corona-spreading chain. Stay at home, wear masks, use disinfectant and increase immunity in the body. Take more fruits and vegetables. Take medical advice even if you have a minor symptom. Don’t be afraid it’s a difficult time; But it is not an insurmountable time. If you get sick and know its cause, you can definitely cure the disease.

At the consultative meeting, I asked the authorities to tell them the truth about Carolina, and I intend to know the full truth about Corona and meet it face to face. Our actions against the Corona pandemic have picked up pace since today. I kindly urge the public to abide by the orders of the Government and adhere to them. Let’s rescue Tamil Nadu from corona infection” .

Thus chief minister Stalin says.


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