Dead body found in the bathroom: Mysteries behind the death…

TAMILNADU: The case of a lawyer who killed a friend yoga teacher and buried him in a bathroom committed suicide by hanging himself after 20 days, triggering a stir in Thirumangalam area.

Harikrishnan (46) hailed from Thirumangalam Karpaga nagar in Madurai. He was a lawyer and a teacher who taught Silambam. He also trained boys and girls at home along with the profession of lawyer. His wife Vijayalakshmi belongs to Madurai Munich. They have a daughter Haripriya (11).

Meanwhile, Harikrishnan, who planned to conduct a yoga class for children with silambam training, appointed chitradevi (35), a yoga teacher from Thirumangalam, 3 years ago. Eventually, when they got used to it, they both lived in the same house. Chitradevi suddenly vanished from May 1. His father Kanniya lodged a complaint with Thirumangalam police station after receiving information about the matter. The police registered a case and searched for her.

The police came to know about Harikrishnan’s suicide by hanging himself at his house. Police went to the spot and recovered the body and questioned it. While inspecting his house, a letter was caught.

It said, “When my first wife separated, I lived with Chitradevi for the child. But he did not take good care of my daughter Priya. In a fit of rage, he was murdere


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