Don't let anyone take corona virus easily:

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India: Dr Dimple Arora (34) is from Delhi. She was married to a female dentist and businessman Raveesh Chawla five years ago. The couple has a baby boy at the age of three and a half. She was currently pregnant for the second time.

Dimple was admitted to a private hospital after suffering from Arora Corona. It turned out that the 7-month-old infant in his womb had died. Following this, the doctor surgically removed the infant. But on the 26th, doctor Dimple Arora died of the Corona virus.

When Arora’s cell phone was picked up by her husband Raveesh Chawla for use, he found a video. In the video, taken by Dimple Arora while undergoing treatment, he has spoken for 2 minutes. In it, he said, “I have learnt that the coronavirus is one of the worst effects. Don’t let anyone take this virus easily. I can’t speak now.

Nevertheless, I am speaking to create awareness among the people. Everyone wear masks. Protect yourself and your loved ones.”

The video was currently posted by her husband Chawla on social media. Lakhs of people who have seen the video are expressing gratitude to Dr Arora and condolences on his demise


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