Doubts are now strong as to whether covaxine vaccines will be complicated when they travel abroad due to lack of WHO approval.

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NEW DELHI: All countries have accelerated vaccination with the coronavirus taking a severe toll. All countries are determined that those coming from abroad must be vaccinated with corona.

Many countries are to formulate a policy that corona can only be allowed if it shows a certificate of vaccination. Now, there is a strong suspicion that people who have been vaccinated with Coax in India will have trouble travelling abroad.

In the case of foreign countries, the who approved vaccine or the vaccine permitted by the respective governments for emergency use will be considered as vaccinated only. In that case, the Vaccine of Coax in India has not yet been approved by the WHO.

Travel agents said, “Even if they show a Vaccine Certificate of Coax, the world will consider them unvaccinated even if they have been vaccinated without being vaccinated by the WHO. Therefore, there are certainly problems in this matter at the earliest stage.

” Hyderabad’s Bharat Biotech, which manufactures the Covaxine vaccine, is constantly trying to get who’s approval. The latest WHO guidelines say that Bharat Biotech has submitted for permission and more information has been asked for. Bharat Biotech will provide more information to WHO next month.

It is said that approval may be granted after that. Therefore, activists have demanded that the Centre should also take action in this regard without causing any trouble to Indians going abroad.14 countries have permitted the use of Coax vaccine for emergency use.

They are India, Iran, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Guatemala, Guiana, Mauritius, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Philippines and Venezuela. The Brazilian health regulator refused to allow Covaxine in the country because some production regulations did not agree.

It is also questionable how such countries will allow Covaxine vaccines. Accredited vaccines Who approved vaccines: Covishield , Moderna, Bizer, Astragenica, Johnson, Sinoform Apart from covaxine, many vaccines are in use.

It may be noted that the WHO has not yet approved Russia’s Sputnik vaccine. Federal Acting Joint Secretary of State for Health Lav Agarwal said, “Talks are still on to allow only vaccinated people. We will take appropriate action when there is a unanimous decision.

At present, under whoever is guided by the WHO, it is enough for those who travel to other countries to have an examination report called corona negative.


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