Endless war in Afghanistan .

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As the final withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan has begun, the escalating attacks in Afghanistan have worried not only the people of the country but also the nations of the world.

Can Afghan government forces deal with the Taliban after the complete withdrawal of US and NATO forces? Questions have been raised as to whether the country will go back into the hands of the Taliban. On September 11, 2001, a Twin Tower in New York City, USA, was hit by planes, killing 3,000 people. The US soon discovered that Osama bin Laden was the leader of the al-Qaeda movement, who masterminded the attack that had frozen the world, and that he was a refuge for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The US launched an air strike in Afghanistan in October 2001, when the Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to the US. Nato forces were also removed from the fighting by the Taliban. However, the US could not completely eradicate the movement. The Taliban, divided into different groups, were hiding in afghan hills and engaged in offensives against US and NATO forces.

For 20 years from 2001 to now, US and NATO forces have been in afghanistan and supporting the government forces. In 2009, the number of US troops increased to one lakh after then-President Obama decided to increase the number of US troops. Obama announced that US forces would be gradually withdrawn from 2011. In the past, the US and Britain announced that they would not engage directly in fighting in Afghanistan. The operation was delayed at the request of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who was expected to withdraw us troops thereafter.

In 2020, after long sanctions, an agreement was reached between the Taliban and the US at a talks in Doha. Accordingly, it was decided that the complete withdrawal of the remaining US forces should involve peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, and that the Taliban should not allow Afghanistan to be a training ground for foreign jihadists. The then President Donald Trump announced that us forces would be fully withdrawn by May 1 under the agreement.

President Joe Biden then suddenly announced that the US army would not leave by May 1. Sep 16 On the 20th anniversary of the 11 attacks, a section of the US army will remain in Afghanistan for security purposes, starting on May 1 and starting on September 1. He said the US force would be fully withdrawn by the 11th.

This us stance angered the Taliban. The Taliban warned that the US breach of the Doha talks agreement would lead to measures against the occupying forces. The US has finally launched an operation to withdraw its soldiers from May 1. Biden warned of severe retaliation if US forces were attacked during the operation.

Attacks in Afghanistan have also increased as the process of withdrawing US troops has begun since May 1. At if Ashraf Ghani has expressed confidence that ‘Afghan government forces have the ability to counter the Taliban’, but the attacks do not provide that confidence. While the Taliban have not claimed responsibility for all these attacks, Al Qaeda and IS have claimed responsibility.

It has also raised fears of a conspiracy by the movements. With no peace treaty between the Afghan government and the Taliban now, it is necessary to get both sides to engage in peace talks. Can the United States, which started the war, go without ending it.


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