Fungal infections lead to loss of diabetes patients who affected with corona: "Director Ushakim"!

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Madurai: Director Ushakim said there was a risk of black fungal infections that could lead to loss in patients with diabetes who suffer from corona.

She told reporters yesterday, People with corona are at risk of rare black fungal infections in the eyes. Low diabetes and immunity can cause fungal damage. It is also present lying in people with corona infection.

The number of black fungal cases coming to Madurai Aravind Hospital in a year is now within a week. If the disease occurs, there will be pain in the eye and surrounding areas, pain in the face, discoloration in the area around the eye, sudden blindness, swelling of the eye, corneal protruding, immobility, black soreness, water or bleeding in the nose.

People who recover from corona and are treated also develop fungal disease. When immunity decreases, sugar levels increase. The coronavirus affects the pancreas with a drug for coronaintensity or treatment. This increases the blood sugar level. Blood pressure can be avoided if the corona is treated fearlessly. Death is due to high blood pressure and sugar levels. It is important to control blood sugar levels even if you recover from infection.


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