Gold prices have come down today.

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Following the industrial stagnation, there is a lack of gold prices all over the world. Investors decided to focus on safe investments and started investing in gold, replacing investments from the stock market, real estate and US dollars.

So, the demand for gold was increasing and its price was rising considerably. The fear caused by the Corona virus also caused fluctuations in gold prices. Gold prices have come down today at this stage.

The price of jewellery gold has come down by Rs.5 per gram to Rs.4505 per gram. It is selling for Rs.36040, down by Rs.40 per pound. Similarly, 24 karat pure gold is priced at Rs.38912 per 8 grams.

Silver Price

The price of silver has also come down today. 1 gram of silver has gone up by 40 paise to Rs.76.50. The price of 1 kg of silver today is Rs 76,500.


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