Health Minister was sacked in a day : Truth behind !

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Kiev: Ukraine’s Health Minister MaximStepanov has been sacked for allegedly slowing vaccination activities. He has been removed from office on the basis of Tuesday’s vote in Parliament.

Ukraine, one of the European countries, is seriously affected by Corona. With a total population of 4.1 crore, 21 lakh people have been diagnosed with corona, while 48,469 have been died.

So far, only 948,330 people have been vaccinated in the first installment. The Health Minister has been sacked for allegedly slowing the supply of vaccines to the people.

Speaking during the vote on his dismissal, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmyhal said: ‘The main task for the Health Minister is to properly administer the Corona vaccine to the people of Ukraine in the current year. But the process has been slow. So far, 23 lakh installments of vaccination have come to Ukraine. This cannot be referred to as the constructive work of the Minister of Health.

MaximStepanov, who has been removed as health minister, said, “Every effort has been made to take care of Corona. I had also prepared a special health plan for the people of the country. This year, all the people of the country will have got the Corona vaccine.

Ukraine’s parliament is likely to remove a suitable person for the post on Thursday, having been removed as health minister.


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