Herbal Steaming facility has been provided in petrol bunks: Namakkal !

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Namakkal: Herbal steaming facility has been provided in petrol bunk owned by Tiruchengode Lorry Owners Association. In this, customers caught the herbal spirit.

Truck Owners Association owns petrol bunk facility to protect people from Corona infection. The impact of the Corona second wave is increasing day by day. The Government is taking various steps to control these and create awareness. Various private organizations are also cooperating with the government in its activities.

Accordingly, arrangements will be made to capture the petrol bunk owned by the Lorry Owners Association at Tiruchengode in Namakkal district. For this purpose, it is arranged to boil 12 varieties of herbal products including adathigh leaf, camphor valli, tulsi, neem, cloves, pepper, turmeric, lemon, salt, ginger and betel leaves in a large cooker and capture the vapour generated through four tubes.

In this regard, Union Secretary Ravi said, “We have created a facility for petrol bunk employees and welfare. Set up at a cost of Rs.15,000, the facility can continue to steam for about 4 hours daily. It costs Rs.1,500 daily. Similarly, we are planning to set up 4 more bunks. This work will continue till the end of the Corona period.


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