If the Centre had done its job properly, this would not have happened to India.

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Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has alleged that it is painful for the Centre to continue to take assistance from abroad to control the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

The 2nd wave of the Coronavirus in India is intensifying and millions of people are affected every day. Subsequently, the nations of the world are providing a large number of oxygen concentrates, life saving medicines, vaccines, BBE kit and financial assistance to India.

Congress MP on foreign aid Rahul Gandhi had raised questions to the Centre on Twitter a few days ago. It said, “Let me ask you some questions about the assistance provided to India by foreign countries.

What kind of medical equipment did India get from abroad?, who benefited from this medical equipment and funding, and which state? How and on what basis were the states allocated assistance?, why is there no transparency?, is there any answer from the Centre.

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to once again condemn the Centre for receiving foreign aid to prevent the spread of Carolina. It said, “The Centre has touched on and boasted of its actions by receiving assistance from abroad to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. If the Centre had done its duties and functions properly, would this have come to India?” asked Rahul.

While India is in the grip of the Corona virus, the US, Russia, France, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Singapore, Sweden and Kuwait are providing medical assistance.


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Mon May 10 , 2021
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