India's corona crisis and political, economic situation reported by Arab news agency:

India corona crisis, arab news agency,

US foreign policy expert Dr. John C. Hulsman has issued a statement on the criticism of India’s Corona crisis and the Indian political and economic situation. This was reported by the Saudi-based Arab news agency.

It said, “The Corona 2 nd wave in India is seriously increasing and threatening. Economic difficulties have resumed due to curfews. But despite all the crisis, India’s base features are strong and will emerge as a leading developing force among the nations of the world.

Moreover, despite all these challenges, the political power structure of Prime Minister Modi and the BJP is stable.

By 2024, it will become the world’s most popular country, trailing China. People under the age of 25 are more than 50 per cent and those under 35 are over 65 per cent. This human resource-based aspect will be of great help to India’s growth.


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