Kumaraswamy has urged the state government to procure medicines immediately for black fungal disease as it is more deadly than corona.

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Bengaluru : Former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy said in a post on his Twitter page:-The government has said that treatment of patients suffering from black fungus cannot be ruled out.

But the state government does not have enough liposomal amboderisin to be administered for the disease. The lack of medicine is proof of the extent to which the government has made preparations to deal with the spreading disease.

This black fungal disease should be treated at an early stage. This is because the disease spreads very fast. Medical experts say that in 2 or 3 days it attacks the eye, ear and brain. It is therefore necessary to provide emergency care to the patients suffering from this disease.

How can it be successfully confronted without a medicine for a rapidly transmitted disease?. Medical experts say the black fungus can infect 400 people a week among those who have recovered from corona. This black fungal disease is worse than corona.

Most of those affected are at risk of death. Therefore, the state government should take steps to alleviate the drug problem for the disease. The state government should immediately procure medicines from the pharmaceutical companies.


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