M. K Stalin's words to the Media people about their contribution:

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Tamil Nadu: Chief Minister Stalin has stepped up preventive measures in the wake of the increasing corona outbreak in Tamil Nadu. At this stage, Chief Minister Mk Stalin held discussions with news editors and visual media editors at Namakkal Kavi Bhavan in Chennai. Information Minister Saminathan and Chief Secretary Theayanbu participated in the consultative meeting.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Stalin said, “The media’s contribution is important in creating awareness among the people about Corona. Action will be taken to protect all employees from corona damage. We are facing a medical crisis and a financial crisis together. Therefore, the media should publish news including corona with utmost caution.

He continued, “The Government of Tamil Nadu is transparent about corona. I have told ministers and officials not to hide anything. If there is any doubt about the government’s message, you can ask for an explanation. The media can advise the government. Corona awareness visual recordings should be published in the news. We should be urged to wear face shields on television.

Posting on Twitter about the consultation, Chief Minister Stalin said, “During the meeting with media persons, I requested people to create awareness about the severity of corona infection and the steps being taken by the government to prevent it. The good fortune of the people is the future of the country! Let’s all unite and beat the pandemic.


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