Maharashtra: A woman was asked to lick spit for second marriage:

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Maharashtra: In Maharashtra a lady was condemned for remarrying after divorce. The lady is supposed to be 35 years of age and when she got hitched once more, a ‘station panchayat’ of her local area requested her to lick her spit as a discipline.

An authority for the situation said last Friday that the Caste Panchayat has likewise forced a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the lady. The lady purportedly held up a police grievance following the panchayat organization. The lady said the occurrence occurred a month ago.

The official who composed the objection for the situation said, “A FIR was stopped against 10 individuals from the Caste Panchayat under Sections 5 and 6 of the Maharashtra Protection of Social Boycott Act, 2016 after a lady living in Jalgaon whined. The authority additionally said that a FIR has been enrolled at Chopda City police headquarters in Jalgaon last Thursday evening.

Presently, the examination concerning the case was given over to Pinjar police headquarters in Akola as this was the situation.” An authority said that as per the grievance, the occurrence occurred on April 9 in Akola where a position panchayat was brought regarding the choice on the second marriage of the person in question.

Simultaneously, the authority likewise said that the casualty has a place with the ‘Nath Jogi’ people group and the position panchayat of her local area doesn’t acknowledge her subsequent marriage. As indicated by him, the casualty got hitched again in 2019 after her separation from her first spouse in 2015. She was first hitched in 2011.

The panchayat examined the lady’s subsequent marriage and called her sister and different family members. He at that point said that according to the decision, the individuals from the standing panchayat will spit on a banana leaf and the casualty will lick it as a discipline. Simultaneously, the panchayat additionally requested that the casualty pay Rs 1 lakh. After this, the casualty held up a grumbling with the police headquarters.


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