Massive danger to the earth: chines rocket ?

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The big 18-ton part of the Chinese rocket fell into the Indian Ocean yesterday morning. This relieved the danger to the earth.

China is in the process of setting up a space probe in space. On April 29, it launched a rocket called ‘Long March 5B-Yao-2’. The rocket flew into space as planned and completed its mission. However, its parts began to fall towards the Earth. A huge 18-ton portion of them was at risk of falling to earth.

Scientists from many countries around the world began to explore which part of the earth it would fall and what damage it would cause. Meanwhile, when entering the earth, they also discussed shooting down the rocket part.

The massive 18-ton part of the Chinese rocket fell near the Island of Mali in the Indian Ocean. This was confirmed by Chinese state television yesterday.

In a statement in Beijing, the Chinese Space Research Center office said: ‘There was some fear that part of the Long March rocket would fall to Earth. however. While monitoring the area, it fell into the Indian Ocean at 10.24 am today (yesterday). The 18-ton part of the rocket burned as soon as it entered the earth. The rest of the area fell into the sea. Earlier, some experts said, “70 percent of the earth is filled with water. So, part of the Chinese rocket will fall into the sea.’ Accordingly, part of the rocket has fallen into the sea.

In the meantime, such risks are caused by China’s negligence. Last year, part of china’s other Long March rocket fell in ivory coast village. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. But many houses were destroyed. Therefore, many country experts have suggested that the Long March rocket should be redesigned to prevent any further such risks.


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