Nayantara's reaction for those who tease "She is missing the vaccine"

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Tamil Nadu: Actress Nayantara’s side has been briefed on netizens for teasing her that she is missing the vaccine.

While reports spread on social media that actress Nayantara had posted a fake photo of herself being vaccinated with corona, a photo of the vaccine being well visible from Nayantara’s side has been released to explain it.
Earlier, the corona vaccine was the largest weapon to overcome corona infection.

But no people came forward to initially take up the vaccine because of the information spread on social media. Therefore, political leaders, screen personalities and athletes have been posting pictures of themselves on social media to highlight the importance of vaccination.

The day before yesterday, actress Nayantara and director Vignesh Sivan had taken corona vaccine at a private hospital together. Director Vignesh Sivan posted photos of the same on his Instagram page.

Within minutes of the photo, netizen teased Nayantara though memes that she did not have a vaccine in the hands of a vaccinating nurse and that it was a fake photo. At this stage, a new photo has now been released to explain it.


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