New announcement from the New Chief Minister: state going to in curfew

New announcement, total curfew, M. K Stalin,

A total curfew has been imposed across the state for two weeks from 10th to 24th May in Tamil Nadu.

In a statement, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Mk Stalin said: In order to prevent coronavirus infection, curfew has been in force in Tamil Nadu with various relaxations under the National Disaster Management Act, 25.03.2020 as per the guidelines of the Government of India.

The number of covid infections has been increasing again in various states of India since March 2021. In recent times, india has recorded more than four lakh per day. In particular, infections are increasing in various states, not just Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. In Tamil Nadu too, the infection gradually changed from 450 per day to more than 26,000 per day at the end of February. In more than 23 districts, the number of cases is more than 10 percent per day.

As per the estimate dispersal of 07.05.2021 in Tamil Nadu, the number of cases is 1.35 lakh. The present outbreak, the impact of the coronavirus in foreign countries, the increasing number of coronavirus cases in neighbouring and other outlying states, based on the recommendations of medical experts and public health experts and as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, under the National Disaster Management Act, 2005 to prevent corona infection, is now a night curfew across Tamil Nadu from 01.05.2021, in all parts of the State.

On Sundays, a full curfew is imposed with restrictions and restrictions on certain activities already permitted. In addition to further intensification of preventive measures, various new restrictions have been imposed from 4.00 a.m. to 4.00 a.m. on 20.05.2021.

Based on the feedback made during the review meeting I held yesterday (07.05.2021) through video conferencing with all district collectors, in consultation with medical experts and in view of the restrictions on a few activities recommended by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Medicine and Family Welfare, Government of India to prevent the spread of the disease, it is on the basis of unavoidable reasons to further intensify preventive measures in Tamil Nadu. In order to further intensify the preventive measures, a full curfew will be imposed across the State for two weeks from 4.00 am to 24.05.2021 from 4.00 am to 24.05.2021 on unavoidable grounds.

During this entire lockdown, the following activities are prohibited The ban on international air traffic will continue as it has been extended by the Government of India except for routes permitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

E-registration system will be continued to monitor passengers arriving by air and rail from abroad and other states. Passengers will be allowed to travel to trains and airports with tickets.

A ban has already been imposed from 26.04.2021 for the operation of large shops and commercial complexes with an area of 3000 sq.ft. and above. Grocery stores and vegetable shops operating in shopping malls have already been banned.

Apart from this, only grocery, grocery, grocery, vegetables, meat and fish shops are permitted to operate till 12.00 pm without air conditioning. Of these, only 50% of customers should be allowed at the same time. E-commerce companies like Nuranedi (N-UDSA) will be allowed to distribute groceries, groceries, vegetables, meat and fish till 12.00 noon. Aforementioned grocery, groceries, vegetables, meat, fish shops are banned.

TASMAC shops will not be opened during the full curfew.

Parcel service (only permitted to be provided) in all restaurants is permitted to operate only till 12 noon. Tea shops are not allowed to sit and eat in restaurants and tea shops. Customers staying in hostels (sit in hostels) should be provided with food in their rooms and are not allowed to sit in the dining halls.

Hostels are not permitted to operate. However, hostels will be allowed to operate only for customers staying for commercial reasons and for medical purposes only.

In the inner halls and in the open, there is a ban on society, politics, sports, entertainment, education, cultural events and other festivals. In the inner halls and in the open, there is a ban on society, politics, sports, entertainment, education, cultural events and other festivals. As already announced, no more than 20 persons are allowed in death related events, funeral processions and related rituals.


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