New guidelines for corona treatment:

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The Department of Medicine and People’s Health has issued orders formulating new guidelines for corona treatment to reduce death as the impact of corona infection intensifies in Tamil Nadu.

What are the highlights?

More than 1,52,000 people are currently undergoing treatment with corona infection in Tamil Nadu. The death toll has been reported close to 250 for more than 2 days.

Subsequently, doctors including infectious disease specialists, anaesthetists, lung therapists and a team of COVID specialists from the Government of Tamil Nadu jointly formulated new treatment guidelines. It has also been issued as an Order.

No patients with oxygen levels above 96 should be admitted to the hospital as inpatient,” the main point of the order was.

As per this order, covid patients are divided into 4 categories.

1 . Home isolation

Although this type of person is concluded to be negative, corona is considered a patient if he does not know body pain, sore throat, difficulty breathing, persistent fever, headache, diarrhea, cough, taste on the tongue and smell in the nose.

They should not wait for the RTPCR result but should start taking the medicines written by the doctor immediately, says Derani Rajan, chief minister of Government Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, one of the committees that formulated the protocol.

2 . Those who are in home isolation are category 2-*

This type has all the symptoms, but oxygen levels decrease below 96 and turn to 95. They also need immediate treatment.

3. Corona treatment centres, corona care centres:

Those with oxygen levels between 90-94 and those who breathe 24 to 30 times a minute should be treated here. For those admitted to this unit, immediate transfer of blood cells or reduced oxygen levels below 90 will be taken up immediately.

4 . Hospital scare:

People with less than 90% oxygen levels and breathing more than 30 times a minute are allowed here. The hospital administrations will provide oxygen therapy to them and take up intensive care. It is important that this order will be in force for only 14 days. After studying the extent to which these guidelines can be controlled, the expert team will decide again whether or not to continue


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