Popular Medical Journal's criticism about Government of India. Why?

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The Government of India did not bring the Coronavirus despite early warning of the 2nd wave. The Lancet medical journal has criticised the Centre for being responsible for religious meetings, permission to hold political public meetings and slowvaccination.

In an editorial in the popular medical journal The Lancet, it strongly criticised the Centre for the emergence of the 2nd Wave of Corona in India.

Many times medical experts have warned that the 2nd wave of the coronavirus will develop in India, but the Centre has not brought it up. In India reported that 21 percent of people in India were infected with corona.

The corona vaccination also went very slowly, and so far less than 2 percent of people have been vaccinated. Medical experts warn repeatedly of 2nd wave of coronavirus. In an interview last March, Union Health Minister Harsavardhan said that the coronavirus outbreak was in a state of end in India.

The Centre is responsible for allowing the conduct of religious meetings and election rallies called super spreaders and not speeding up adequate preventive measures to control Corona.

Even though the Coronavirus reported that the 2nd wave would develop and the virus could transform and spread, the Centre seemed to think that India had defeated the Corona virus as soon as the coronavirus spread in India decreased .

Dr. Lalit Kant, former head of the ICMR’s epidemiology unit, said, “The Centre should be held responsible for this situation in India.”

Dr. S.K. Cherin, chairman of the Delhi Government’s Covid Prevention Committee and chairman of Livhir and Biliary Science, said, “The central government’s complacency is responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus. We need to speed up vaccination without delay and ensure that everyone gets vaccinated.


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