Preparation of suranam to get relief from fever

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Those who are suffering from frequent fever sap lingual tubers use thippili tuna to benefit.

Materials Required

Water yam – 50 g

Tipple – 50 g

Pepper – 50 g

Sukku – 50 g


First, clean the tuber, tipple and pepper. Clean the skin by combing the skin. Then mix the four together and grind them to powder.


This suranam is a medicine that helps in relieving all types of fevers. When suffering from fever, take two grams each morning and evening and eat it in honey. You can take it three times if necessary.

You can take it with the medicines you have taken. Before going to bed at night. Add betel leaves (2), pepper (2) and raisins (5) and chew and swallow before going to bed every day.


Steam all the nuts and greens and eat them as food. Use ginger as an alternative to green chillies and pepper as an alternative to chillies


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