Protect who lost their loved ones in covid: It's a social duty

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New Delhi: There are many places where coronavirus is deprived of parents and children become orphans. Similarly, there is a loss of wife, a wife suffering from loss of husband , and a loss of children by senior citizens.

Such incidents are a source of help. At the same time, the social duty to protect those who have lost their loved ones and are destitute is important.

At present, the Government of India says that more priority should be given to preventing crimes against women, children, senior citizens, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and we are setting up organizational mechanisms to prevent human trafficking.

At the same time, the Government of India has issued an instruction to the States and Union Territories. The main points of the Memorandum issued by the Ministry of Health are: Considering the impact of the 2nd wave of corona, states and Union Territories should focus on vulnerable sections, especially children who are deprived of their parents. They need to be provided with the necessary facilities.

The existing facilities available to orphaned children, senior citizens and Scheduled Tribes who need timely assistance and support should be reviewed immediately. Women support should be established and used effectively in police stations and anti-trafficking units in the districts, it said.


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