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The Chennai police have announced security arrangements in the wake of the entire lockdown announced by the Tamil Nadu government for the prevention of corona disease. The Chennai Police has issued a notification on the public and police to follow suit.

The chennai police has issued a notification saying:

“1. The Government of Tamil Nadu has imposed a total curfew in the areas under Chennai Metropolitan Police Limits from 4 am on 10.05.2021 to 4 am on 24.05.2021.A total of 10,000 police officers have been deployed for security work.

2. Vehicle audit is carried out at 200 places in Chennai Metropolitan Area on law and order police and 118 on traffic police.

3. About 360 patrol vehicles have been deployed throughout chennai metropolitan area.

4. Police personnel are deployed at various important places, including Amma restaurants and fair price shops.

5. Moreover, a large number of police personnel have been deployed at Koyambedu Market and Kashimedu Fish Market areas.

6. Appropriate action will be taken by the police against those who do not follow masks and social gap.

7. 35 flyovers have been closed throughout Chennai Metropolitan Area.

8. Further, the Traffic Police will conduct vehicle audit at 118 places to take legal action against the occupants of the vehicle without due reasons.

9. Roads other than major roads across the metropolitan area will be blocked and closed for safety reasons and vehicles will not be allowed to pass.

10. A common audio tape is prepared and advertised over a loudspeaker to the public regarding awareness about the prevention of coronadisease.

11. Chennai Metropolitan Police is given a package of important instructions to be followed by the police during the entire lockdown. they:

1. The police should be very kind to the public. In case of threat to self-defence, use of lathicharge or force should not be involved under any circumstances.

2. Everyone should wear masks and gloves. Clean your hands frequently with disinfectant and wash your hands with soap at regular intervals.

3.Ensure uninterrupted movement of vehicles carrying milk, groceries and vegetables during curfew. Ensure uninterrupted movement of medical supplies, medicines and other equipment.

4. Awareness should be raised through loudspeakers about wearing masks and observing social space. Also, information received about people affected by Corona in Chennai city should be shared.

5. Awareness about Corona should be created in video and modern mode.

6.Long surfaces, including the beach, can be effectively monitored with a drone camera.

7. Law and order and traffic guards should make appropriate arrangements for uninterrupted movement of vehicles carrying oxygen cylinders.

8. All the police officers of Chennai Metropolitan Police should carry out the round-up work at their borders as per the requirement and take appropriate action to prevent any untoward incident.


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