Second Wave: What do we need to do?

The second wave of the COVID-19 infection caused by the novel Corona virus can spread faster than the first wave and affect young adults between the ages of 18 and 45 in large numbers. This 18-45 year old group is called the infectious conductor (Super Spreader).

Why was the second wave formed?
The main reasons for the re-escalation of the Corona pandemic were public negligence, lack of proper adherence to face masks, frequent cleaning of hands, individual gaping and vaccination. If a person is infected, it is possible for everyone in his family to spread the infection through him. So much so that the virus can spread seriously. The previous novel was associated with the corona virus ACE II receptors. The virus is now associated with the spreading alien coronavirus. Thus, its movement into the body is much easier without receptors.

70 per cent of the population gets social immunity after vaccination. As long as it is not reached, such new waves of infection will continue to come again and again. Therefore, we should not relax the restrictions until we reach the stage of social immunity. Especially if you don’t wear face masks.


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