Stories of success: Israel and Britain

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While many countries, including India, are reeling under the second wave of Corona, some have successfully recovered. Britain and Israel today set an example for the world in the war against Carolina.

Britain – The Alien Corona

At the end of 2020, the world began to look at Britain with fear, since The New Alien (variant) of Corona in Britain. Most countries banned flights from Britain and flights there.

This form is called B.1.1.7. This type and the Indian type and south African type are attributed to the intensity of the second wave around the world.

The number of new infections in Britain on January 8 alone, at the peak of the second wave, was 67,928; As far as deaths are concerned, the highest number of deaths was 1,823 on January 20. This is a major impact on Britain, which has a population of only one-20th of India’s population.

The main difference between B.1.167 is the sudden changes (mutations) that have taken place in their spikes (spike protein). The coronavirus penetrates our cells with proteins. The change in two sharp proteins in the Indian form is the reason why Britain is spreading more than the alien. When changes in the proteins occur, the body’s immunity and the power of the vaccine injected into the body are less against corona.

It was with this difficulty that Britain faced the second wave. It imposed a severe ban for three months from January. It also stepped up the vaccination drive. Three vaccines- Faiser-Bioentech, Oxford-Astragenaga and Maarna – were also administered to the British. So far, 3.50 crore people have been vaccinated with at least the first dose of Britain’s total population of 6.60 crore. More than half of its population was quickly vaccinated. 95% of people over the age of 50 have been vaccinated there.

In the wake of both severe curfew and successful vaccination drive, the daily infection has now come down drastically. Only 2,047 infections were detected in the whole of Britain on May 8. The death toll from Corona that day was only 5. If Britain acts at the same pace, they say, the country is likely to be completely free of Corona by August.

Vaccination and self-control of the people of the country have contributed importantly to this success story.

The Story of Israel

Israel is one of the countries hardest hit by Corona. So far, 838,887 people in Israel have been infected with The Corona. This is almost a tenth of the country’s population. In the second wave, 10,213 people were infected on January 20. That was the highest number of deaths in a day, 101 people died.

From this point, new infections on April 27 have fallen to 315 and the death toll to 1 on May 8.
How did Israel achieve it?

Israel launched its vaccination drive on December 19, 2020, ahead of most countries. So far, 50 lakh people have been vaccinated. This is 56% of the country’s population. In addition, Israel ranks first in the world with 120 doses of vaccination per 100 people.

Who says that 65-70% of the population will have mass resistance (herd immunity) if vaccinated. Based on that, Israel is the first country to move towards mass resistance.

With curfews and no lack of intensity in Carolina, the vaccination movement was the real success for Israel. The ‘Green Passport’ app has been launched to prevent people from being paralyzed due to The Fear of Corona.

Those who had this app were allowed to go to marriage, ceremonies, gyms, swimming pool, etc. It was announced that attending public events without a Green Passport would be punished severely.

The government has permitted Israelis who have been wearing masks for nearly a year to come out without masks since April 18. If the Israelis are breathing the air of freedom, it is because of the country’s vaccination movement and the cooperation of the people.

Lesson for us

India has much to learn from the success of both Britain and Israel. We cannot escape by comparing the population of those countries with the population of India. At least 65% of our population (i.e., 85 crore people) must be vaccinated to obtain mass resistance. But only about 16.5 crore people have been vaccinated in India (12%), and the number of people who have been paid both installments is 3.29 crore (2.4%). The only way before us is for India to accelerate the vaccination drive at many times faster as the coronavirus takes on new forms.


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