The Fall of china Rocket: Behind truth!

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The 18-ton broken part of china’s largest Long March rocket has entered the Earth’s elliptical path. The giant part of the rocket is predicted to fall in the Indian Ocean, near the Maldives.

But the governments of China, America and Maldives are in great concern and fear, not knowing where to fall near the Maldives and when.

The largest part of the Long March rocket entered Earth’s orbit at 10.24 am Chinese time today. The broken part of the rocket is expected to fall 72.47 degrees east longitude and 2.65 degrees north latitude into the Indian Ocean, near maldives, China’s Office of Engineering, China’s Department of Aerospace Engineering said. Long March 5-B was launched from wenchang space station in Heinan Nag on 29 th of last month carrying various objects to the Tiangong space station, which China is developing in space.

The rocket suddenly separated from the rocket and began to fall towards Earth, weighing 33 meters (108 feet) and 20 tons.

Most parts of the rocket, which is speeding down towards earth at a speed of, will burn in the air. However, it is not known how many parts are going to fall into the Indian Ocean when they are not burnt.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said, “It is customary for the top of the rocket to suddenly fall out of space and it to fall towards Earth. But most of the time, when you enter the earth, parts of the rocket burn and mix with the wind. China has been watching closely since the part of the rocket entered earth.

In December 2019, Carolina began to show her head. Its heritage was known in January 2020. Vaccines are ready in the next 10 months. There is a problem with such life-saving medicines reaching people. Pharmaceutical companies carry out various studies to find new drugs. Companies do not share the combination and recipe of the drug when the study succeeds. Therefore, it is not possible to prevent the sale of medicines at exorbitant prices. The 1995 World Trade Organization agreement protects their interests. The name of the agreement is The Laws (Trips) relating to business in intellectual property.

The argument in favour of the Trips Act is that if the intellectual property created by some people is shared, companies will not be interested in continuing research. Some economists present an alternative. That knowledge should be made public by giving money and appreciation to the medical discoveries that mankind needs. Then all the companies will be able to make the drug. But nothing of the sort happened.
This time, since the onset of vaccination studies, many countries have spent government money freely. According to an estimate, rs 7 lakh crore of public money has been spent globally so far. However, the license of these vaccines is in the hands of the companies.

Nai-Aid and Barda, which worked with the company in developing the vaccine Madena, are U.S. government agencies. All the expenses were borne by the government. But the license is with Maderana. The American Company of Faizer. Bio-N-Tech, a German company that worked with it, received funding from China and European countries. However, the license is with the faizer.

The Russian vaccine Sputnik originated under the auspices of the state. Cocoshield is one of the two vaccines now used in India. Co-created by Oxford University and a British company called Astrajenaka. 97% of the expenditure in this generation was borne by the Government. But its license lies with Astrajenaka. It sold its license to several foreign companies. That’s how serum institute, an Indian company in Pune, obtained cocoshield’s license.

Serum is selling its medicine to the Union Government for Rs.150. The Government is providing it free of cost to people above 45 years of age.

On April 19, the Union Government announced a policy decision. Accordingly, the medicine for 18 to 44 year olds should be procured directly by the States and private hospitals. Now serum company has paid Rs. 300, priced at Rs.600 per private.

Technology developed at a university with the investment of the British government is making a profit for an employer in the Indian market today.

Another vaccine in use in India is covaxine. Its producer is Bharat Biotech, a Hyderabad company. The Indian Institute of Medical Studies (ICMR) has a significant role to play in the development of this medicine. There is also the good fortune of the Government of India. But it is not known on the public platform how much the role of the state is like the West.

The company has announced a new invoice of Rs 400 for states and Rs 1,200 for private individuals after April 19.

Developed states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra etc. have announced that they will buy them and pay them free of cost to the people. But, there is no medicine in the market. The Union Government has announced a grant of Rs.4,500 crore to the two domestic companies.

Companies will use it to increase production. But they are too late to come to the market. Not enough. It is also not known which states the companies themselves will decide to provide.

How to get into this situation? Many experts are advising the government. To this day, it is the Union Government that procures and supplies vaccines to the States in bulk against diseases such as measles, tuberculosis, polio, pneumonia, dog bites, jaundice etc.

Similarly, this Corona vaccine should be purchased directly by the Union Government and supplied to the State Governments. Because the Union Government has all the funds, expertise, power and external relations.

Beyond this, if the state governments want to buy the vaccine, they should also have the freedom to do so. Further, the Government should buy the patents of Western medicines such as COVISHIELD and issue it to our public and private pharmaceutical companies. The patent of covaxine should also be acquired and issued to many more domestic companies.

Scientists have developed vaccines with people’s money to deal with this pandemic. But they are caught in the hands of traders. The country should benefit from these medicines. It can be done by our governments.


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If the Centre had done its job properly, this would not have happened to India.

Mon May 10 , 2021
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