Trouble getting food for destitute and animals during the entire town: Will the government and volunteers act with compassion

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With a full curfew coming into effect from tomorrow to control the spread of corona, the availability of food for the destitute and animals is in question.

The government has taken up the entire town as the last weapon to prevent the 2nd wave of The Corona. Curfew will be observed for 2 weeks from tomorrow as per government orders. All shops will be closed. Vehicular traffic and movement of people will be banned.

At the same time, destitute and destitute animals dependent on the public have been left stranded for food and water. Many destitute people are roaming like refugees in Tirunelveli city and suburbs. Most of them are mentally ill and abandoned by relatives. Their livelihood is food and clothing from people, shops or volunteers in their mobile areas.

But the Corona curfew is more likely to deprive them of food and medical assistance. In the past year, many volunteers have risked their lives to help the destitute during the lockdown. On behalf of Tirunelveli Corporation, the school at Tirunelveli Town was allotted seats to the destitute and protected. It is not known if such security measures will be taken at present.

Dogs wandering the streets often rely on food thrown at hotels and wedding houses. Currently, only parcel food is provided in hotels. Wedding ceremonies have often been postponed.

Social activists say that this will lead to shortage of food for destitute animals. Sankaranarayanan, a social activist from Tirunelveli, said, “Last time many volunteers offered food and water to the destitute and animals.

Volunteers are still ready. It is helpful to give them the permission they need. Animal health care is very difficult during curfew. Those who volunteered in the town last time should be integrated.


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