United Nation's shockingly said: about 1,600 children!

United Nations, air strikes, 1600 children.

The United Nations said 1,600 children have been killed in air strikes in the past five years.

In a statement, the United Nations said: “Over the past five years, 40% of the population has been killed in air strikes in Afghanistan. 1,600 children alone have been killed. Afghanistan has not been safe for children for many years,” it said.

7 December 2001- After Mullah Omar walked away from Kandahar, the Taliban regime began to collapse.22-Dec 2001- Karzai visits Kabul. Karzai to take over as chairman of all 29 members managing Afghanistan. In 2004-2009, general elections were held in Afghanistan where Karzai was elected president.

Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah were declared the winners of the 2014-Apr 5 election in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani was then appointed president and Abdullah chief executive in talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry on the basis of devolution.

2015-2018 – The Taliban regained strength and attacked the Afghan government and US forces every day.IS militants dominated the eastern side, and the Taliban captured more than half the country.

2018- Sep- US President Donald Trump appoints US official Jalme Kalijad to hold talks with taliban to withdraw US forces. September 2019- Presidential election in Afghanistan was held and the result was not announced for months. 2019, Nov 24- President Trump visits US forces in Afghanistan. President Trump announced talks on a peace treaty with the Taliban.

2020, Feb 18- The Election Commission declares Ashraf Ghani the winner of the Afghanistan elections. But Abdullah refused to accept the election result. Feb 29- A peace treaty between the US and the Taliban is signed in doha, the capital of Qatar. Us forces were decided to withdraw from Afghanistan in the next 14 months.


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