US Government approved for weapon sale: Israel !

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Washington: There has been a conflict between Israel and Palestine for years. Palestine is in two parts in total that is the Gaza Tip and the West Bank. Hamas, a militant group, controls the Gaza Strip. Israel regards the organization as a terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, a fierce clash broke out between Israeli security forces and Hamas since last week. Both sides launched thousands of rockets and attacked. Israel launched an air strike targeting Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Many civilians died.

At least 10 people, including a woman named Soumya from Kerala, have died in hamas attacks on Israel. More than 200 people died on the Gaza Strip. The world, including the US, has appealed to both sides to stop fighting as the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated.

The US government, led by Joe Biden, has approved the sale of sophisticated weapons to Israel. The sale also includes weapons that accurately hit and destroy targets. A total of USD 735 million worth of weapons will be sold to Israel. The Indian value of these weapons is Rs. 5,381 crores 22 lakhs 90 thousand rupees.

The Us Congress has been officially informed of the arms sales on May 5, according to the Washington Post, a well-known US newspaper. The Joe Biden administration informed the US Congress of arms sales to Israel a week before the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza began. The sale of the weapon has now been approved. Many sides have expressed fears that it could be used by Israel to intensify its offensive in Gaza. Some Congress members have opposed the sale of weapons to Israel.


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