We are extending a helping hand to India : US state department spokesmen

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Washington: US State Department spokesman Ned Price gave an interview to reporters. He said:-

On the Corona issue, we are talking to Indian officials and health experts to identify India’s continuing needs. We are constantly working closely with them.

Us government financial assistance to India is $1billion. In this case, private organizations have provided $4billion in financial assistance.

So far, 6 flights have been sent to India. These include 20,000 remdecivir medicines, 1,500 oxygen cylinders, 550 mobile oxygen concentrates, 10 lakh fast test equipment, 25 lakh N95 face shields and pulse oxygenmeters.

Thus he said. Meanwhile, US Senator Mark Warner contacted Indian Ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu. He said he was committed to helping India. The Indian Ambassador thanked him. He also thanked the US for sending 2,61,000 doses of remtesivir so far.

“We will help India in every way,” US Pentagon spokesman Peter Hux said.

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu-based and American businessman M.R. Rangasamy said:-

India is facing a major problem after independence. I am raising funds round the clock to help India.

It’s time for everyone to help more. Such problems are not frequent. Therefore, everyone should help in a greater way. Similarly, help your relatives and family in India.

The metamorphosis of corona, which spreads in India, is very dangerous. If it is not suppressed, it will spread to countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and cause major casualties. We are in constant touch with the Indian side. It is commendable that the Government of India has exempted relief items from tax.

Thus he said.


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