About Us

One News nation is a start up agency established in ‘2019’ and multilingual(Tamil, Telugu, kannada and English) digital news platform. It predominantly targets youngsters of south indian diaspora and their related news. It doesn’t just provides news but combines news and entertainment. Our main goal is to educate and entertain our visitor with the latest happenings.

Our breaking news are not just breaking news but a in-depth analysis of the event. Our style is not so formal and helps everyone to understand the content easily. We give more importance to feature stories than regular articles. We always strive to be unbiased and neutral. We provide only interesting stories from local, national, inter national, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and more. A specialised editor for each category and energetic team of youths work on our stories.

We do not appreciate, create or share about hate speech, discrimination and adult content. We always follow media ethics and be very strict about it.

Our story establishing process always starts with finding authenticity of the matter. No story escapes our fact checking process.

We provide tamil news online in most of the social media platforms and we post our videos in youtube and dailymotion.

Our vision is to become No.1 Tamil online news media and to create awareness among youngsters.