“RIP… Election commission Of India”… TN minister PTR’s tweet sparks controversy

The general election, which is currently underway, is taking place in 7 phases. The first phase of polling took place on the 19th in 21 states, including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Following this, the second phase of polling is set to occur on the 26th in several states, including Kerala, Karnataka, and Rajasthan.

During the election campaign in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Modi said, “In the Congress government, it is said that Muslims should have the first right over the nation’s resources. Muslims are having more children. Because of this, the properties of Hindus are diminishing. Congress thinks of giving Hindu properties to Islamic girls.” He expressed these controversial views during the campaign.

The Election Commission’s silence on Prime Minister Modi’s remarks, which many found offensive. It has stirred controversy in political circles. Various parties, including the Congress, have demanded action from the Election Commission against Prime Minister Modi. However, the Election Commission has not taken any action so far.

In this situation, Tamil Nadu Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan, sharing Prime Minister Modi’s speech on his ‘X’ social media, and  posted “Rest in peace election commission of india.” This has sparked controversy and debate in political circles.

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